Boxes and Packaging

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) offer an eye-catching point of sale display in a standalone unit for a variety of drinks including bottles, cans and pouches.

It allows consumers to easily ascertain available products and the displays can reflect your branding and communicate other information to prospective clients heightening brand awareness.

This simple style of Point-of-sale packaging can attract a shopper’s attention and drive a purchase that may not have taken place otherwise.

We can design a display that epitomises your drinks brand and product and offer a new route to market.

Manufactured in corrugated cardboard FSDUs are 100% recyclable making them an ethical retail marketing option.


Merchandising units (MU) are an excellent way to display drinks products in a way that causes them to be sold quickly, and at the highest possible retail margin. MUs capture the attention of shoppers and visually sell new products, promotions or product offers.

Manufactured in corrugated cardboard, units are 100% recyclable and can be easily broken down and disposed of once their shop floor life has expired. MUs provide in-store flexibility as they can be quickly replaced, reducing ‘stock out’ time and capitalising on product availability. This makes them perfect for seasonal offers and products in the drinks market when there is a plethora of choice available to consumers.

MU offer brands flexibility and scope to fully maximise the key areas in store - arriving pre-filled with your drinks products on pallets.

With a range of design, size and supply options available we can work with you to create a unique style, design and print making a perfect retail packaging solution.

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