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Boxes and Packaging supplies bags, pouches and taps to facilitate a streamlined packaging solution for its drinks industry clients.


The bags we supply are ideally suited for hot filling and the Bag-in-Box® and Pouch-Up® protect liquids from light and oxidation. This protects the product and retains it flavours for several months.

It is a cost-effective option which is fully compliant with new environmental regulations and which takes advantage of the industry renowned Vitop® tap and Vitop® gland.

Furthermore, shelf life is improved. It is an environmentally friendly solution which generates very little waste and can be recycled at appropriate outlets.


We can supply market leader Pouch Up® to provide an unbreakable, lightweight solution to packaging your drink. The pouches preserve the liquid within and it is dispensed through a compact Vitop® tap.

It delivers fantastic flexibility as it is a free-standing product due its single gusset design on the base.

User friendly and easy to use they have an integrated handle for easy carrying making them perfect for picnics and outdoor sports and music events. With no leaks, simplistic dispensing and an environmentally responsible option to glass, Pouch Up® is an attractive solution upon which bespoke branding and product information can be printed.


We are proud to supply the market leader for Bag-in-Box taps Vitop® Standard and Vitop® Compact - a unique valve technology which is user friendly and delivers an excellent flow when dispensing drinks.

Should the bag not be for personal consumption, a Vitop® S-Connector connects the bag to dispenser systems - pump or gravity driven - in bars and restaurants. It can be easily disconnected and cleaned within a few seconds making it very simple and straightforward to use.

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Bags / Pouches / Taps