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Tractor Radiator Transit Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Tractor Radiator Transit Pack


The brief came from one of our major customers, who required a range of packs to facilitate shipping of multiple large automotive radiators in each pack, weighing approximately 50kg each. Their destination was Iowa, USA.


We designed a pallet box with side, top and bottom fittings which had to be extremely robust but very simple for our customer to pack. It is manufactured flat at our Doncaster facility and fully assembled at one of our customer inplant facilities. Within the box is a unique 'castellated' fitting which is featured at the top and the bottom of the box. The bottom fitting allows the customer to simply place the radiator within the gaps provided.

The top ‘castellated’ fitting is then created taking into account, bolts, screw fixings etc - all of which had to be protected whilst ensuring the security of the overall product. This particular box forms part of a range of five; all of which use the castle design. We are currently developing the range to encompass more products, which will follow similar principles. Final packed weight is approx 200kg, and stack up to five high. The main body of the pack was stapled onto a heat treated bespoke wooden pallet.


This pack shows the effectiveness of a new design concept, robustly protecting product for sea freight, whilst still being simple to manufacture, assemble and pack.

This unique design has enabled B&P to develop the account with the customer. Since the inception of this range, 30 packs per day have been delivered and used with zero pack or product damage.