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Tile Manufacturer chooses sustainable packaging

Case Study - Design Innovation

Tile Manufacturer chooses sustainable packaging


  • To remove non-recyclable packaging from the pallet pack
  • To reduce pack weight
  • To reduce material and labour costs where possible


Our customers requirement was to create a new pack that would allow sample tiles to be sent to suppliers across the UK. 12,000 packs were sent each year and this figure was expected to be maintained.

Originally the sample tile boards were placed on a wooden pallet and stretch wrapped – the customer asked us to find a solution that, if possible, eliminated all wood and plastic to make the pack completely recyclable.

By designing a recyclable corrugated pallet pack this was able to be achieved. The pack consisted of an inner sleeve and base tray which were manufactured from D300KT and a top cap from C150KT. Successful test trials demonstrate that the pack delivered excellent protection to the product, indeed it was superior to the previous solution thereby minimising returns and disruption.

This Supply Chain improvement solution shows how new solutions can be found, the versatility of corrugated and how this interacts in delivering supply chain efficiencies whilst supporting businesses to become more sustainable.


The aims of the customer were met in full with all non-recyclable materials removed – over 3600m2 of stretch wrap was no longer required in the packing process.

By using corrugated pallets, which are typically 83% lighter than wooden pallets, and the streamlined nature of the pack, efficiencies were achieved through distribution channels also as well as in labour at the packing stage due to the simplistic nature of the product.

The pack was designed to give great rigidity allowing them to be stacked for storage and distribution.

All elements of the pack are now 100% recyclable allowing the business to champion its success and set a positive example to its peers and competitors.

Facts and Stats:

A 23% cost reduction was achieved

A 25% weight reduction was achieved

100% of non-recyclable materials were removed from this particular business stream