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The Chilli Alchemist Apothecary Bottle

Case Study - Design Innovation

The Chilli Alchemist Apothecary Bottle


The client required a design to protect his unusual shaped chilli sauce bottles and was looking to a case that could not only help sell the product but could also withstand posting. The bottles themselves would be wax sealed and would need to be sensitively protected around the neck area as the wax was part of the visual experience.


This case is designed to use corrugated board only and eliminate the need for bulky, hand assembled inserts or moulded fittings. It allows the product to be held securely in place whilst not compromising the detail of the visual retail experience.

The design also removes all need for additional packing material such as bubble wrap, loose fill or polystyrene fittings. It is produced using flood print on brown board.

All fittings are integrated into a single piece carton and where possible utilise waste board area. The main body of the vessel is held firmly in place, and the neck of the bottle is supported by two inverting shoulders that would prevent lateral movement and damage to the wax seal. The neck would be held stable by a further rolled buffer taken from the waste area of board.


The packaging reflects the visual image that the client was trying to perceive - old style alchemy and mystical chemistry. It enhances the product visually and as a result adds to its brand recognition and awareness.

This case is easy to erect, simple to pack and very effective in transit. It can be used both as a retail case or mail order shipper and to date has a 100% success rate with no damaged goods returned.

Pleasingly, this design has been instrumental in the success and growth of a new business and helped to carve its reputation as a market leader in its industry sector.