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Product Sales and Demonstration Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Product Sales and Demonstration Pack


  • To design and create a demonstration kit for a new range of domestic sealants
  • To be innovative whilst adhering to client brand guidelines
  • To be intuitive for representatives to demonstrate in new business meetings


A design was created to encompass product in an eye catching way during face-to-face client presentations

The pack was constructed to aid product demonstration and to house all sample products in a neat and efficient carry pack with handle

Familiar with the brand a product was designed to complement the customers’ existing range of packaging


30 packs were created delivering excellent instore stand out and consolidating our supplier relationship with the brand

Enhanced market penetration across the brand in Europe

The pack created enhanced sales opportunities to showcase the range of sealants due to its ability to be demonstrated

Facts and Stats:

  • Significant increase in sales has been enjoyed as a result of this new route to market
  • Nordic branch of the brand chose us to replicate for their demonstration packs
  • Shows our ability to be responsive and create display packs to suit a variety of customer demands