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Premium Lampshades Transit Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Premium Lampshades Transit Pack


  • To achieve better protection for lightshades during transit
  • To reduce the need to use expensive void fill
  • To provide a design for multiple sizes and styles of shade


We rationalised the pack range from four to two, and created a range of fittings which would support a variety of different size and style of shades.

The design incorporates two fold over trays which enable the lampshade to be suspended within the fittings. A buffer zone is created from the top and bottom trays to eliminate side damage.

The trays add further rigidity to the sides, top and bottom of the outer case to eliminate product damage. The box is printed to portray the brand identity and product information.


The customer is delighted that we have reduced the range from four to two and eliminated the use of void fill which proved problematic to dispose of and has saved a significant amount per annum.

The pack, due to its innovative design and recognisable printing has been well received in its global distribution network at locations including Australia, USA and Europe.

This professional approach to packaging consultation, re-design and innovation has been well received by the customer and is now utilised as a bench mark of their commitment to quality. Visitors to site now receive a demonstration on how they pack their product to re-inforce this message.

Facts and Stats:

  • UK Packaging Awards Highly Commended
  • Eliminated the need for void fill
  • Reduced range to two from four box types decreasing stock requirements