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Premium Energy Drink Transit Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Premium Energy Drink Transit Pack


  • To eliminate the need for polystyrene

  • To ensure safe transit of premium energy drinks

  • To ensure required temperature maintained from dispatch, through delivery until receipt by customer


The pack was re-designed and re-engineered utilising foil lined corrugated board alongside standard Kraft board and a freezer pack. This was to ensure the product remained at the desired temperature to protect its integrity during transit. The new pack eliminated problems that our client had been experiencing from their incumbent supplier - product arriving damaged, product arriving at the incorrect temperature rendering it unconsumable and the pack arriving ‘wet’ where it had soaked in moisture from melting freezer packs.  

To maintain the temperature in our new chilled pack we integrated foil lined board which held the moisture during the thaw, working like the inside of a nappy.  

Vigorous testing took place to ensure all areas of the brief were addressed prior to customer approval - all of which satisfied their needs and placed us as their preferred supplier.


Our innovative approach ensured our client could achieve the desired results using a corrugated packaging solution rather than returning to polystyrene. Furthermore, it is simplistic to assemble and pack and embraced the identifiable brand which was essential to communicate in all packaging material, especially as a large proportion of clients are elite sports persons who are brand orientated in their purchasing decisions. Since our appointment 100% of product has arrived at the correct temperature, intact and the integrity of the outer packaging has not been comprised. This has elevated the brand with premium customers and thus, sales have been boosted. Stock levels have been minimised due to our supply chain agreement.

Facts and Stats:

  • A visually attractive pack has elevated the brand identity

  • Proves that corrugated packaging can be water repellent and insulated

  • We now aim to promote the product to other similar manufacturers due to its unrivalled performance and innovation