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Outer Transit Boxes for Courier Delivery

Case Study - Design Innovation

Outer Transit Boxes for Courier Delivery


  • To redesign transit box so that minimal customer assembly was required
  • To minimise damage experienced with previous pack
  • To provide a complementary box encompassing pedals


The box was re-designed to protect each element of the product, minimising damage whilst necessitating limited customer assembly upon receipt

Rolled buffers were designed to enable the box to be used for varying sizes and style of bicycle.

A separate box was created for the pedals. This was secured to the interior of the transit box to minimise pedal damage and provide just one package for all the components of each bicycle.


Reduced damage and enhanced customer satisfaction is now experienced

The new box design emulates the quality of the brand and raises brand awareness

Packaging costs have increased but cost and reputation damage have decreased creating an overall cost saving

Facts and Stats:

  • An extremely high rate of customer satisfaction is now experienced
  • Social media opportunities enjoyed with the creation of a video exhibiting the strength and robustness of our packaging solution