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Heavyweight Pump Road Transit Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Heavyweight Pump Road Transit Pack


  • To provide new corrugated pack to protect heavyweight pump in road transit
  • To remove the use of plastic handles in current pack from incumbent supplier
  • To reduce number of pack components to make assembly easier


We streamlined the components from 6 to 3 - an outer box and two internal fittings - which allowed the pump to be encased in corrugated through a series of innovative design solutions.

As the pump weighted 17.3kg it was necessary to ensure that the product was lifted in and out of the box safely by production operative and end users, and that the pack offered adequate protection for the pump during UK road transit. Built in hand holes negated the need for plastic handles making the pack 100% recyclable and, with lock in tabs and extra pads, the product is now able to be safely packed and transported.


The new packaging has reduced damage and returns whilst also offering a saving on costs to the customer. We exceeded the customer expectations and the requirements of the brief to create a cost effective, fit for purpose supply chain solution.

This design highlights the strength that corrugated packaging can bring to protect products when designed and utilised correctly. It shows how such packaging solutions can support supply chain and logistic challenges giving customer complete confidence in our ability to deliver high quality goods, solutions and service.

Facts and Stats:

  • The pack has reduced components and assembly times due to a new design
  • Cost savings have been delivered to the customer as a result of the reduction in parts and production time
  • Operator and customer safety maintained when removing product from packaging